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PEGASAT began as a company specializing in providing GPS tracking solutions for pets. Consumer demand for pet tracking devices soon proved to be so popular that we subsequently broadened our product offerings to include other unique and exciting pet health and safety products from all over the world. The location-based products and services we now offer have also grown to include GPS Tracking and Vehicle Fleet Telematics for Government agencies. And, today, our business is international in scope with customers in the United States as well as in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at: 301-841-0214, or Email Us at: [email protected].

Spileash SPIleash - Solo-Pocket with Dog Leash (Red)

The SPIleash™ is a traditional leash with training loop and SPIbelt Solo-Pocket™ attached to hold your cell phone and small items.

Price: $19.99
Zinger Grooming Top with Non-Slip Mat Zinger Grooming Top with Non-Slip Mat

The rubberized "pebble textured" mat makes an excellent "Non Slip" grooming top surface which will offer years of service. It can also be used as a great non-slip liner for the inside of your crate when purchased separately.

Price: $155.99
Link GPS Tracker Link GPS Tracker (All-New)

Link’s sleek device, user-friendly app and practical accessories are engineered to meet all your pet needs - from location and activity monitoring to training and safety features.

Price: $149.00
Revised Price: $99.00
Savings: $50.00
Diggs Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel - SMALL Diggs Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel - SMALL

Enventur is a first-of-its-kind travel dog kennel. It's quick to inflate and deflate, compatible with most vehicles and provides safety on the go. It's the ultimate home away from home for your pet.

Price: $500.00
Pet Remedy Spray Pet Remedy Spray

200ml Calming Spray. Patented essential oil-based formula ideal for pets including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, rodents and birds.

Price: $24.99
Diggs Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel-LARGE Diggs Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel-LARGE

The Diggs Enventur Travel Kennel is an ultra-durable yet lightweight inflatable kennel designed for safe car travel.

Price: $650.00
Chew Protector - Crate Flooring Chew Protector - Crate Flooring

The Zinger Chew Protector protects crate flooring and prevents a dog from from lifting the corners of the mat around the interior of the crate. It provides a 1" overhang to prevent the mat from being lifted up.

Price: $59.99
4pets Enerchip VitaCell for Dogs 4pets Enerchip VitaCell for Dogs

Enerchip helps maintain optimum physical condition of your dog's liver, muscles, nerves, heart, blood vessels, cartilage, bones and skin by supporting the production and vitality of it's stem cells. Safe, gentle and side-effect free. No injections or anathesia required. Simply place chip in your pet's water bowl. Effects last 6 months.

Price: $34.95
Corky's Reflective Dog Leash - ORANGE Corky's Reflective Dog Leash - ORANGE

Corky's 3M 360° Reflective Dog Leash is visible to 1,000 Feet with LeashSafe for Quick-Hold Safety to easily control your dog in crowded areas.

Price: $29.95